IVONA Text-to-Speech Demo for Windows 10


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  • Publisher:  IVONA Software
  • Category:  Tools
  • Age rating:  12+
  • Processors:  x86, x64, ARM
  • Downloads:  714
Users and reviewers around the globe say IVONA voices are the most accurate, human-sounding Text-to-Speech voices they’ve ever heard! Award-winning IVONA Text-to-Speech with BrightVoice™ technology makes it easy for users of all abilities to take advantage of the voice interface on Metro-style and Windows 8 desktop applications.
Download this one-stop-shop demo from IVONA to experience superior Text-to-Speech voice quality and learn how to voice your desktop PC, Windows 8 tablet or Microsoft Surface device. Find out how easy it is to let IVONA TTS read aloud web pages, documents, e-books, emails, RSS news, and more - in your language (we have loads to choose from)…
Plus review use cases and examples of IVONA TTS power features.